Indian Rosewood Ring

This ring is made from Rosewood from east India, this wood has always been a popular choice for turners because of its narrow and interlocked grain. The particular wood that I choose tends to range from mid pink and orange tones all the way through to dark reds and reddish brown. This wood has an amazingly attractive range of veining, the typical is black on red however there is a massive range of natural variations. Let me know specifically if you would like a specific piece including or excluding this vein. Because of this rosewood has a history of being used in palaces in Asia. normally found as door knobs, pulls, handles and decorative boxes. It is as hardwearing as it is beautiful.

East Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) is native to India, Sri Lanka and Java but because of its high value it is commonly farmed all over Asia. It is closely related to Rosewoods from south America and has been a sought out material for high value furniture making for centuries.
Trees can sometimes reach one hundred feet with a two and a half foot diameter and some up to five foot.
Rose Wood,Curved Profile,Medium Band.6mm x 2mm,Comfort Fit.

-WoodenGold Ring-Polishing Cloth
-Makers Note
-Wax Sealed Box (recyclable)
-Wooden Packing material (compostable)
-Recycled material Post bag (Recyclable)
*Each Ring is carved to order. Also available Curved profile in different widths*

*Please be aware that this is not suitable to be worn while using hand sanitizers regularly as the chemicals in many break down the protective layer and cause damage to the wood.*

Indian Rosewood Ring

  • Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm) Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm)
    A 37.8 N 53.8
    B 39.1 O 55.1
    C 40.4 P 56.3
    D 41.7 Q 57.6
    E 42.9 R 58.9
    F 44.2 S 60.2
    G 45.5 T 61.4
    H 46.8 U 62.7
    I 48.0 V 64.0


    W 65.3
    K 50.0 X 66.6
    L 51.2 Y 67.8
    M 52.5 Z 68.5