Sapele Mahogany Wood Ring

This Ring is made from Sapele which is a beautiful redwood. It has a fine interlocked grain, it can commonly have wavy or quilted grain but the type I use is straight because it leaves a beautifully sleek finish.
Redwoods have always been associated with royalty probably because of their deep rich luxurious tones and I can see why. Even though it may have a reputation for blunting tools and being tricky to work with because of its interlocked grain, the results are amazing. 

Sapele (Entandrophragma cylindricum)
This wood is found in tropical Africa, it is often called Sapele Mahogany because it shares many of mahogany's characteristics and acts as a sustainable substitute for this endangered species. It is also a member of the same Meliaceae family with mahogany as well as utilie.
Sapele has been used for its thick sap to waterproof canoes for centuries as well as interiors for high end boat building in recent years.
The trees often grow to an impressive 45 meters and are red because of the high levels of tannin which leaves them resistant to rot and infestation as well as making the wood long-life.

Red wood,
Curved profile,
Comfort Fit. 
Wide Band.
8mm x 2mm,
-WoodenGold Ring
-Polishing Cloth
-Makers Note
-Wax Sealed Box (recyclable)
-Wooden Packing material (compostable)
-Recycled material Post bag (Recyclable)
*Each Ring is carved to order. Also available Curved profile in different widths*

*Please be aware that this is not suitable to be worn while using hand sanitizers regularly as the chemicals in many break down the protective layer and cause damage to the wood.*

Sapele Mahogany Wood Ring

  • Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm) Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm)
    A 37.8 N 53.8
    B 39.1 O 55.1
    C 40.4 P 56.3
    D 41.7 Q 57.6
    E 42.9 R 58.9
    F 44.2 S 60.2
    G 45.5 T 61.4
    H 46.8 U 62.7
    I 48.0 V 64.0


    W 65.3
    K 50.0 X 66.6
    L 51.2 Y 67.8
    M 52.5 Z 68.5