Bog Oak Wood Ring

Oak has always been a favorite of makers through the centuries and therefore has had a huge range of uses from instruments to whiskey barrels, fine furniture, house and boat timbers.
This wood has a long flat grain that can be straight of crooked, it has a medium to heavy density, is very strong and durable for long life and also can leave a beautiful finish. Oak is a well known and loved wood and our relationship with it has lasted centuries, this is a wood-lovers wood. 

Bog Oak (Morta) is from oak trees that have been submerged in prat or in full in a peat bog, typically from Irland and northern Europe. The bog or marshland preserves the wood making this ring a piece of history as much as a piece of art. The acidity from the peat also protects the wood as well as giving its rich colour, the longer the wood has been in the bog the deeper the colour will go. Some pieces of bog oak can be hundreds and even thousands of years old, the oldest being around 8000 years old!
This means bog oak can sometimes compete with the most expensive woods on the market.
This wood has also been smoked to add a shimmer to the wood to compliment its dark tone.

Bog Oak Wood,Flat profile,Medium Band.6mm x 2mm,Comfort Fit.

-WoodenGold Ring-Polishing Cloth
-Makers Note
-Wax Sealed Box (recyclable)
-Wooden Packing material (compostable)
-Recycled material Post bag (Recyclable)
*Each Ring is carved to order. Also available Curved profile in different widths*

*Please be aware that this is not suitable to be worn while using hand sanitizers regularly as the chemicals in many break down the protective layer and cause damage to the wood.*

Bog Oak Wood Ring

  • Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm) Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm)
    A 37.8 N 53.8
    B 39.1 O 55.1
    C 40.4 P 56.3
    D 41.7 Q 57.6
    E 42.9 R 58.9
    F 44.2 S 60.2
    G 45.5 T 61.4
    H 46.8 U 62.7
    I 48.0 V 64.0


    W 65.3
    K 50.0 X 66.6
    L 51.2 Y 67.8
    M 52.5 Z 68.5