Pearl Wood Ring

This Ring is made from a treated Birch, the tone of the grain is so pearlescent that I gave it the nickname 'Pearl Wood'. Birch wood is fine-grained and pale in colour, often with an attractive satin-like sheen.
It's wood and oil has been used by northern European tribes for centuries, it has acoustic qualities making it ideal for instruments and is often put in baths and sauna's as a muscle relaxant.
This is one of my favorite woods to make a ring out of, I oil it to give it a deep shimmer and it diffuses the light beautifully, living up to it's name. 

Birch Trees originate from northern Europe and can be found anywhere in the northern hemisphere. They grow abundantly and therefore self-regenerate. Some species are suited to cold and are sometimes the only trees found able to cope with wintery climates.

Birch wood,Curved profile,
Slim Band.4mm x 2mm,Comfort Fit.

-WoodenGold Ring-Polishing Cloth
-Makers Note
-Wax Sealed Box (recyclable)
-Wooden Packing material (compostable)
-Recycled material Post bag (Recyclable)
*Each Ring is carved to order. Also available Curved profile in different widths*

*Please be aware that this is not suitable to be worn while using hand sanitizers regularly as the chemicals in many break down the protective layer and cause damage to the wood.*

White Pearl Wood Ring

  • Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm) Ring Size (UK) Circumference (mm)
    A 37.8 N 53.8
    B 39.1 O 55.1
    C 40.4 P 56.3
    D 41.7 Q 57.6
    E 42.9 R 58.9
    F 44.2 S 60.2
    G 45.5 T 61.4
    H 46.8 U 62.7
    I 48.0 V 64.0


    W 65.3
    K 50.0 X 66.6
    L 51.2 Y 67.8
    M 52.5 Z 68.5