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We are a family-run jewellers in the Rhondda valleys, Wales, UK who specialise in sand cast rings. We are passionate about fine craftsmanship that respects the natural materials we work with to bring you a unique piece that you can be proud to wear. That is why we only work with ethically sourced materials. Using a variety of timeless methods, we invest into each ring, giving them a story all their own.

Unique male wedding bands
Sandcast Jewelry


WoodenGold is a family run business together with Lisa, my wife of seven years,  our son Caleb and daughter Elina. Our team has grown as our family has grown with me (Stephen) as goldsmith, Lisa running online communication with our customers. Together, we work to give you a great experience from our family to yours.


Stephen (founder of WoodenGold):
“All my life I have been a maker, from using glue and matchsticks when I was a kid to carving stone for my degree in sculpture.

I have always had a desire to make things with great value, that would be greatly appreciated and stand the test of time and would even one day become a family heirloom.

Everything is so cheaply produced these days that it takes the value out of things.

Jewellery has always been produced to commemorate a moment; the reign of a new king or queen, coming of age, a marriage, anniversary or birthday, the piece is made to remember and to celebrate. That’s why I love getting to know my customers and hearing their stories, because you get to share their special moments with them and even be a little part of that."

Every piece is hand carved and single cast for you by me.
All work is produced in the WoodenGold workshop. 
Wales, Great Britain.

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