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There's nothing like a ring that fits just right on your finger - not too loose and not too snug. Because we handcraft each ring, that means your ring will be made to fit you just right!

Please see the chart below to choose your ring size or convert your ring size into the accurate UK equivalent. We also offer half-sizes between each letter if you feel that will more accurately fit you.


Ring Size Chart

For those local, we also accept appointments to have your finger sized for your ring in person in our workshop in Porth, Wales.


"I don't know my size!"

Our rings are handmade to order and to a precise measurement and the majority require being made again if they are the wrong size.

To avoid disappointment of having to pay the resizing fee and sending your initial ring back we advise you to get your ring finger professionally sized and do not recommend you placing and order without being sure.

"What if I order the wrong size?"​


Unfortunately because of the way I make my rings I can't stretch or shrink them. So a different size means a recast. This costs a fee of £30. Because this costs both of our time and money, please get in contact if you’re not sure so we can get the right size first time.

"How durable is your silver?"

Silver only ever bends or warps if it is cast in thin sections. WoodenGold rings are between 1.5mm - 2mm thick. (which, in ring terms, is solid) 
So my silver is just as durable as gold.

"Will silver ring tarnish?"

In a word, yes. Silver will oxidise/patina/tarnish over time because of oils in the skin, sulfur in water, salt in the sea, and so on. The natural patina that gathers over a long period of time will settle within the parts of texture your hands don't touch. It can actually enhances the aesthetic of a WoodenGold ring.
If you would rather it remain as close to the original product I recommend removing your ring before bed, showering or bathing, while applying makeup/perfume and during exercise .

"How durable are your Wooden Rings?"

My wooden rings are meticulously sealed and coated with a special purpose resin. This ensures the rings are totally waterproof and super strong! However I do advise you remove the rings before extremely heavy duty activities such as weight lifting, manual labour ect. as the surface can be scratched by harder metals. If your ring after a few years does loose it's former lustre, I offer a £10 recoating service for WoodenGold rings.

"How do I care for my ring?"

A number of things can cause precious metals to dull, so in order to keep your silver rings looking their best I recommend removing jewellery while exercising, swimming (chlorine can be particularly damaging, but sea salt can also have a negative effect over time). Avoid contact with perfumes and make up, soaps, household cleaning products and similar products.

I don't recommend using polish on our textured rings, just a little warm water and a cloth will do the trick.
On my Polish finished rings however you can shine to your hearts content.

On my Wooden bands surface scratches can be buffed out, just using a cloth and some elbow grease.

"How will my ring be Posted?"

All of my rings are sent Signed, Insured and Tracked With the Royal Mail. A tracking code will be provided to you on your shipping note so you can track the progress of your package!

"I'm getting married, like soon!"

Don't worry! Just talk to me and if it's possible you can purchase a £25 priority order.


While our shop does not officially offer returns we really do want happy customers. So, if a ring isn’t what you imagined or your not 100% happy then please do contact us as we would love to resolve this! 

Please note if we do offer a refund we will retain 10% of the cost, this only goes toward the cost of materials and time. It in no way covers this but we want to be as fair as possible.

If any rings arrive faulty or damaged then you of course still reserve the right to a full refund or replacement!

Please CONNECT or email us at with any additional questions.

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