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Our Top 3 Handmade Wedding Ring Makers

Updated: May 28

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There are many skilled artisans hand-making jewellery, so find out our top 3 handmade wedding ring makers.

For most couples, wedding rings are a symbol of a lifelong commitment, a tangible representation of love and unity.

But in a world dominated by mass production, how can you ensure your rings hold a special story?

The answer lies in the artistry and soul poured into handmade wedding rings.

Beyond the Factory Line: The Heart of Handmade

Mass-produced rings, while often beautiful, lack the personal touch that defines handmade pieces. Here's how handcrafted rings stand out:


Each ring is a one-off creation, reflecting the jeweller's skill and vision. No two rings are exactly alike, mirroring the individuality of your relationship.


Handmade jewellers collaborate with you to incorporate personal touches, like inscriptions, unique finishes, or even incorporating gemstones with sentimental value.

Ethical Sourcing

Many independent jewellers focus on ethically sourced materials, ensuring your rings align with your values.

By choosing handmade wedding rings, you're not just buying jewellery; you're supporting an artist, investing in a piece imbued with meaning, and starting a tradition that can be passed down through generations.

Our Top 3 Handmade Wedding Ring Makers

Now that you understand the value of handmade rings, let's explore some exceptional jewellers who can craft your perfect symbol of love:

Nestled in the heart of Wales, WoodenGold takes a truly unique approach.

We combine the warmth of sustainable wood with the timeless elegance of precious metals, creating stunning Celtic wedding rings, Elven wedding rings, and other nature-inspired designs.

Our focus on ethical sourcing and bespoke customisation allows you to co-create rings as unique as your love story.

an action shot for making a handmade wedding ring
Handmade wedding ring action shot

The second of our top 3 handmade wedding ring makers is located in Scotland, The Silver Hare Jewellery specialises in handcrafted silver jewellery with a focus on Celtic and nature-inspired designs.

Their passion for traditional techniques and storytelling translates into beautiful wedding bands that can be customised for your special day.

Based in York, England, Emily Louise Jewellery is the third of our top 3 handmade wedding ring makers. Emily Louise Jewellery creates exquisite handcrafted wedding rings using a variety of precious metals and gemstones.

Their collections feature a range of styles, from delicate and organic to bold and contemporary.

They also specialise in bespoke commissions, allowing you to design unique rings that perfectly reflect your love story. Explore their collections and commission process on their website.

A Love Story Forged in Time: A Brief History of Handmade Wedding Rings in the UK

The tradition of handmade wedding rings in the UK stretches back centuries, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the land. Here's a glimpse into this fascinating history.

Celtic Roots

The Celts, known for their skilled metalwork, crafted beautiful wedding rings from gold and bronze.

These rings often featured intricate knot work designs that symbolised eternity and love.

A Celtic wedding ring is a great choice for people with links to Celtic countries.

Viking Influence

The Vikings, with their mastery of silver and iron, brought their own aesthetics to wedding rings.

Their designs were often bold and geometric, incorporating symbols of strength and resilience and the viking wedding ring is still popular today!

The Rise of the Guilds

During the Middle Ages, skilled goldsmiths formed guilds that regulated the craft of jewellery making.

These guilds ensured high standards of craftsmanship and established traditions that continue to inspire contemporary jewellers.

The Industrial Revolution

The 18th and 19th centuries saw the rise of mass production, impacting the jewellery industry.

However, a dedicated community of artisans continued the tradition of handmade wedding rings, ensuring the survival of this cherished art form.

The Modern Renaissance

Today, there's a growing appreciation for the individuality and artistry of handmade pieces.

Couples seeking unique and meaningful wedding rings are increasingly turning to independent jewellers, keeping the tradition of handmade rings alive and well.

Choosing handmade wedding rings is a way to celebrate your love story with a piece that reflects your values and personalities.

By supporting an artist and investing in quality craftsmanship, you're creating a symbol of love that will stand the test of time.

Now you've seen our top 3 handmade wedding ring makers, are you ready to fall in love with your handmade wedding ring?

Explore our collection of handmade wedding rings or discuss a bespoke design tailored to your dreams. If you are interested in any of these styles, just ask!

We believe your love story deserves a ring as extraordinary as it is.

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