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18ct Sand Cast Ring, Slim Rustic Yellow Wedding Band.

The Sand Cast Ring, is the original piece of WoodenGold Jewellery. The surface of this band is defined by the arrangement of the sand it is cast in. The face is unfinished to maintain a light diffusing almost matt finish which is framed by a mirror shine from the inside of the ring. This piece is subtle and incredibly beautiful. Why not send me some sand from a special beach to make your ring even more meaningful?


18ct Yellow Gold

Sand Cast Band

Court Profile

3.5mm x 1.6mm

Comfort Fit

* British Gold Hallmark

-WoodenGold Ring

-Single piece wooden ring box (Walnut)

-Polishing Cloth-Texturing Pad

-Makers Note

-Wooden packaging material (compostable)-Wax sealed cardboard box (recyclable)-Recycled material post bag (recyclable)

18ct Sand Cast Ring, Slim Rustic Yellow Wedding Band.

Sales Tax Included |
  • Your ring starts life as small recycled pieces known as casting grain.

    I will then prepare a former (master) of your ring, the right size and shape but made out of wax or wood.

    Then I will prepare a sand mould around the master and shape a pouring point and some air let holes (sprues

    After carefully removing the master, I heat up your chosen metal in a ceramic pot (crucible). When the metal is a glowing liquid, I will then pour it into the mould.

    When it has cooled, your ring is then cleaned up (fettled) and refined. At this point depending on what design has been asked for, I may put the ring through another process to shape or size or refine it further.

    When I am happy that your ring sits nicely on the finger and feels comfortable I will polish out the middle. The last stage is an ultrasonic cleaning before your ring is on its way to you.

    (All gold orders will be sent to London for a metal finnes test and have the UK full standard mark applied)

    Made for you, by me.

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